About Us

Every purchasing choice you make is a vote for the world you want. We've seen the power of individual actions to save our planet. All our products are truly cruelty free as our store is uniquely free from palm oil (as certified by Palm Oil Investigations). Today, we're here to help you start living a greener life.

 It's almost impossible to know the toxins we are exposed to as most manufacturers (who can choose from 85,000 industrial chemicals that have never been assessed for safety) are not transparent and place profits before people. Fandangolabs strict standards give you peace of mind.

You can enjoy high performing products like our reusable produce bags without sacrificing your health. We carefully research and verify each supplier for truth in labelling, safe ingredients, and zero harm to people and animals.

The Whole Story. Fandangolab is different because we delve into the whole story of a product, the people behind it, and its impacts, so that you can make a choice to match your values. Not only are we free from toxins, but we go further to consider aspects like human rights, waste, and supporting local. Force for Good. We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation, this means we hold both ourselves and suppliers to high standards, and together with you we are part of a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

We put sustainability into action in our business > including offsetting the environmental impact of shipping parcels by supporting various charities, and an in store recycling program to operate as zero waste as possible. And, we actively spread the word to help our community live with less waste, less toxins and less impact. We'd love to hear what matters to you and any solutions you are looking for.

Sarah Barker